Vandal Proof Mailboxes for Your Home and Business

dVault is the leading manufacturer of secure mailboxes that protect your mail and packages from theft. Offering a full line of locking mailboxes for residential or commercial use, dVault meets any mail or parcel collection need. All dVault products meet U.S. postal standards and are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and with multiple mounting options.

Family owned and operated, dVault proudly manufactures all mailboxes in the USA. dVault mailboxes are built to last, made of heavy gauge galvanized steel and offer several patented security features that provide customers with confidence that their mail is safe.

Made in the USA


dVault is proud to manufacture 100% of their mailboxes in the USA, giving jobs to hardworking Americans. Based in Colorado, dVault has over 30 years of manufacturing experience.



Take Back Express


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Take Back Express is a division of dVault specializing in secure collection solutions for difficult-to-discard items including expired medication, sharps collection, electronics, batteries, as well as other items.

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