dVault Commercial Mailboxes

Limit (or eliminate) trips to the post office with a heavy-duty lockable mailbox expertly designed by dVault. All models are manufactured with 16 gauge galvanized steel, stainless steel hinges, and a commercial-grade powder coat finish. They may be installed on posts or pedestals, in columns or walls, or as secure freestanding drop boxes.

Depending on the model, the lockable access door may be located on the front or back of the delivery box, and many models can be customized for either option. All large and extra large capacity mailboxes (all models except the Weekend Away and Mail Protector Vaults) include a patented Security Drop Door that deters theft by physically blocking the collection area from the delivery area. These models (as well as the Weekend Away Vault) also have pry-resistant posi-lock security on the access doors to further deter tampering and attempted theft. Perfect for Commercial Applications

Made in the USA and offer a 5 year limited warranty.

dVault offers a mail or drop box for every purpose:

  • Keep mail, packages, and deposits secure within the office or building
  • Consolidate mail and deliveries with an expertly designed package delivery box
  • Accept deposits and sensitive documents from customers after business hours
> Theft Proof Construction   > Galvanized Steel   > Made In The USA
Package Mailbox for home or business with outgoing mail slot

Full Service Vault

Model # DVCS0015

An all-in-one solution that fits any business. Extra-large capacity and convenient shipping from the large enclosed area for outgoing mail. As functional as it is elegant!

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Deposit Vault

Model# DVCS0020 & DVCS0030

Secure parcels from carriers or deposits from customers in a private, lockable vault. This XL-capacity mailbox is the only model designed with electrical knockouts to support an underground feed.

I Don’t Need A Pedestal
I Need A Pedestal

Collection Vault

Model # DVCS0023

Receive deliveries from carriers or customers outside of business hours and keep contents organized in a heavy-duty collection bin (included). Contents stay secure behind a pry-resistant lock.

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Parcel Protector Vault

Model# DVU0050

Receive documents and packages to this large-capacity mailbox , which includes a clip for outgoing mail, attachable postal flag, and flexible installation options.

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Package Drop Vault

Model #DVWM0062s & DVWM0062SA

Install a package mail slot in an external wall to allow deliveries even when the building is closed. Designed to fit perfectly between 16” wall studs and includes a compartment for outgoing mail.

Without Indoor Lock Area
With Indoor Collection Area

Weekend Away Vault

Model #DVJR0060

Install this modern mailbox in any apartment, condo, or office building for an instant security upgrade. Patented “teeth” on the delivery door and pry-resistant lock keep mail and deliveries secure.

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How To Choose?

  • The Full Service, Deposit, and Collection Vaults all are XL-capacity and accept the same maximum package size, but the Full Service Vault is the only one with outgoing mail.
  • The Full Service are Postmaster General approved curbside mailboxes, so they do not need approval from the local post office before installation.
  • The Package Drop Vault and Package Drop Vault Plus are designed to fit between 16” wall studs in an external wall.
  • See Finding the Right Mailbox for more.

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