dVault Residential Package Mailboxes

Protect your property and privacy with a heavy-duty locking mailbox installed on a post, pedestal, within a column or external wall, or as an eye-catching freestanding drop box. We offer small to extra large capacity units (safely storing 2+ weeks of mail and packages) with industry leading quality. All dVault residential package mailboxes are reinforced with 16 gauge galvanized steel construction, stainless steel hinges, are rust-resistant powder-coat finish, and designed with elegance.

dVault mailboxes allow deliveries to be made without providing the carrier with a key and are available in five colors; black and copper vein are dVault’s best selling colors.

Made in the USA and offer a 5 year limited warranty.

dVault Mailboxes:

  • Guard against vandalism
  • Protect against identity theft
  • Keep expensive and sensitive items (like medications) secure
  • Keep mail and packages enclosed and protected from the elements
> Theft Proof Construction   > Galvanized Steel   > Made In The USA
dvault secure mailboxes line up
Package Mailbox for home or business with outgoing mail slot

Full Service Vault

Model # DVCS0015

Satisfy all your needs with this beautiful all-in-one XL mailbox that offers an enclosed area for outgoing mail and separate sections for mail and packages secured with pry-resistant locks.

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Deposit Vault

Model# DVCS0020 & DVCS0030

Store mail for weeks in this XL drop box with patented Security Drop Door and pry-resistant access door. Install as a freestanding unit, add to a column, or mount to a pedestal for the perfect look.

I Don’t Need A Pedestal
I Need A Pedestal

Collection Vault

Model # DVCS0023

Keep mail organized in the sturdy collection bin included with this heavy-duty, anti-theft mailbox. Perfected for incoming parcels and packages and designed without an area for outgoing mail.

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Parcel Protector Vault

Model# DVU0050

Mountable on a post or within a column. This large-capacity mailbox is a perfect all-in-one solution for any home.

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Package Drop Vault

Model #DVWM0062s & DVWM0062SA

Install this modern mail slot in an external wall and secure incoming mail or packages with the patented Security Drop Door. The Package Drop Vault Plus includes a lockable collection area.

Without Indoor Lock Area
With Indoor Locking Area

Weekend Away Vault

Model #DVJR0060

Protect your mail with this stylish mailbox that has patented anti-theft “teeth” on the delivery door and a pry-resistant design. Stores more mail and larger packages than the Mail Protector Vault.

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How To Choose?

  • The Full Service, Deposit, and Collection Vaults all are XL-capacity and accept the same maximum package size, but the Full Service Vault is the only one with outgoing mail.
  • The Full Service are Postmaster General approved curbside mailboxes, so they do not need approval from the local post office before installation.
  • The Package Drop Vault and Package Drop Vault Plus are designed to fit between 16” wall studs in an external wall.
  • See Finding the Right Mailbox for more.

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