Package Drop Vault Plus
Model Number DVWM0062SA

(Installs In Wall)
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dVault’s Package Drop Vault Plus is a locking wall mounted mailbox that mounts in an exterior wall and collects deliveries into a steel vault within the building. This wall mounted package drop installs directly in between wall studs. If you do not need the bottom locking hold, see our Package Drop Vault.

Residential: For the ultimate security (or simply to keep things tidy), this locking package mailbox offers both a mailslot on the exterior of a wall and an attached collection area to store packages behind lock and key. Words perfect with exterior residential walls including entry or garage walls & Includes an area for outgoing mail, there is no postal flag.

Commercial: The Package Drop Vault Plus is perfect for businesses who wish to receive packages outside of operating hours and require security for their deliveries after receipt. Mail or other deliveries can be deposited outside of the building and secured within the building AND inside of our highly secure steel vault.

  • Made of 16 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Delivery door mechanism is set forward 4” for flush mount with exterior wall.
  • Fits between wall studs (16” centers).
  • Compartment for outgoing mail.
  • Commercial grade powder coat finish resists rust.
  • Security Drop Door—US Patent 6,347,737
  • Stainless steel hinges.
  • Locking delivery hold (rear access); posi lock resists pry attacks.
  • Viewport for viewing items on backside

Five Available Colors:

Choose from black, white, gray, sand and copper vein. See more full examples and installations examples below.

Optional Features

  • Wall mount

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions—14.5” W x 51.5” H x 21” D
  • Weight—76 Lbs.
  • Capacity—Large
  • Maximum Package Size Dimensions: 13.0″ W x 8.0″ H x 11.25″ D

dVault units may be purchased through one of our certified online resellers listed here. All units are processed through our facility in Colorado Springs, CO within two days and will typically arrive at your location between 5-7 business days. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us and a team member will be happy to help.


Do you have a catalog?

dVault has made the environmentally responsible decision not to print paper catalogs. Instead, the company provides detailed product information on This decision helps the environment and reduces costs to all.

How are units shipped?

Smaller locking mailboxes (Mail Protector Vault, Weekend Away Vault, Parcel Protector Vault, Package Drop Vault and Package Drop Vault Plus) ship via Fed Ex Ground. Larger units (Package Service Delivery Vault, Secure Collection Unit, Full Service Curbside Delivery Vault) ship on small pallets via Fed Ex Freight.

When are units shipped?

Most locking mailboxes are shipped within two business days of order receipt.

Advice on finding someone to install a dVault product:

Ask your contractor or handyman. Installation services are also available at The Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes. All dVault units feature replacement parts. Please contact dVault Customer Service.

Will Fed Ex and UPS deliver to dVault mailboxes?

Yes. Simply show the delivery agent where the unit is located and provide written authorization for delivery agent to place packages in dVault unstamped locking mailboxes.

Can I cover dVault mailboxes with regular brick, stucco or other materials?

Yes, however you must properly prepare all surfaces. Thin brick, stone and other materials may be used allowing your dVault unit to blend into architectural and landscaping themes. Ask your home improvement contractor for specific recommendations. Importantly, do NOT cover the secure-Drop Door with any materials. Doing so will undermine the operation and sealing of the door.

Are dVault curbside units U.S. Postal Service (USPS) approved?

Yes. The Full Service Vault (Model DVCS0015) and the Parcel Protector Vault (Model DVU0050) are both USPS approved. All dVault mailboxes comply with U.S. Postal guidelines; USPS will deliver to all dVault mailboxes.

Are extra totes available for the Secure Collection Unit (Model DVCS0023)?

Yes. Extra totes are available for purchase. Contact a dVault reseller for pricing.


Tools and/or Materials Required (not provided):

  • 4, 3/8” X 2 1/2” Rounded Head Bolts with Flat/Locking Washers and Nuts.
  • 4, 10/32” X 1/2” Machine Screws [Provided With Optional Hold – Sold Separately].
  • Framing Materials (2 x 4’s, shims, flashing, etc.).
  • Framing Tools (hammer, saw, square, level, etc.).
  • ½ inch open/box end wrench or socket set and screw driver set.
  • Other tools/materials may also be necessary depending upon actual installation.

Installation Procedure:

General Installation: Wall Pass Thru units may be installed in finished or unfinished walls (such as a garage wall). IMPORTANT NOTE: If installation is intended for a finished wall, it is very important to consult with licensed professionals. Finished walls may conceal electrical, plumbing or other elements that may be hazardous requiring licensed professional installation.

Other installations such as pillars or gated entryways may require a mason or ironworker. Always consult with a professional prior to installing your wall-mount unit.

After unit placement and height is determined (allowing for package drop hold, if also being installed now, or in the future), cut a 14 5/8”W x 17 5/8”H hole in the wall. The wall-mount unit must be properly framed and anchored to the structure (proper framing may include the following: square, level, shims, etc).

  1. Determine the location of the unit. Contact your local post office and/or courier service(s) before installing the unit to ensure its correct placement and height.
  2. After proper framing, install top unit (security-drop door) and position unit in its new frame. Determine depth of unit (example: flush mount with the walls exterior siding or allowing for trim work, if any). Drill four 3/8” holes where indicated by the four square holes located in the front door frame of the unit and install four rounded head bolts (3/8” X 2 1/2” rounded head bolts) with flat/locking washers and nuts so that the washers and nuts are on the frame side of the unit (If properly installed, only the top of the round head bolts may be visible from the outside when the security-drop door is opened). Note: Additional shimming may be necessary for proper leveling and fit.
  3. Check installation for airways and gaps that may require insulation, flashing, sealing and/or trim work.
  4. Install optional package drop hold (if purchased) with four machine screws and speed nuts (4, 10/32” X 1/2”). Install speed nuts in TOP VAULT by aligning with holes, sliding material into speed nut opening until speed nut holes are directly aligned with top vault holes [If properly installed, screws will pass through bottom hold up and through speed nuts installed in top vault]. Depending on actual installation, it may be necessary to properly anchor the package drop hold unit to the structure. It is recommended that the package drop hold be installed so that it sits on a flat sold surface.

NOTE: Do not veneer security-drop door or alter the weight of the door mechanisms in any way. Doing so may cause the door mechanisms to malfunction.


Assemble top vault to bottom hold using 4 x 10/32” machine screws.


Maintenance Instructions for your Premium dVault Mailbox

As with any product exposed to outdoor conditions, your premium dVault mailbox will look and function best if you periodically clean it. The frequency of maintenance varies based on where you live and based on how well your mailbox is protected from weather and sun. Products in harsh weather climates require more frequent care. Generally, if your premium mailbox begins to look dirty or weathered, it’s time to clean it according to the following instructions.

Cleaning powder coated (painted) surfaces:

Rinse surfaces with clean, warm water to remove dirt. Gently clean surfaces with mild soap and water. To remove tough stains or to help restore the original finish, use an automotive wax or a light lubricant such as WD40.

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